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Chukma, Halito (Hello and Greetings),


Tijer Lily Co is a dynamic Native American Arts and Entertainment Company owned and operated by Tara J. Ryan, a Chickasaw/Choctaw entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience specializing in and dedicated to innovative, cutting edge strategy with a positive, respectful approach to the business.


Services Include:

* Casting

* Weapons and Props

* Producing and Production Consultation

* Marketing (Public Relations, Promotions, Marketing Research and Distribution)

* Media Coordination

* Writing, Research and Business Development


Clients Include:

* Producers and Production Companies

* Filmmakers

* Venues

* Writers

* Festivals and Special Events

* Native/Indigenous Organizations

* Native/Indigenous Sports Teams


I look forward to hearing from you to discuss a plan to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.


Chukmashki, Yakoke and Thank you for visiting!

Tara J. Ryan, President and Owner Tijer Lily Co



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Photo of Tiger Lily provided by BP Rogers

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